Dec. 19th, 2037 01:31 pm
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It's me! Simnights! (Well, Lauren, actually.)

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I was originally considering cross posting what I have on my Wordpress blog to this blog; however, the HTML doesn't match up so that would be a lot more work than I anticipated! To compromise, I may link to the posts here as they post if anyone decides to follow me here and wants to catch up! I will probably start posting something here soon.
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A list of what you can find on this blog (and others) in one convenient location!
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Oh, wow, we're actually back?! *cue shock, suprise, and awe*

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What's this? Another story/challenge I will drop at the first opportunity?! Well, I do like to have options, folks, and the possibility of that BoolProp medal is a bit... tempting, to say the least!

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This is the Patel family.

Upon load, Ana and Ramir are very close to welcoming their first child.

Ramir is a career politician currently on city council, and Ana is a hostess at a local restaurant. Of course she's on maternity leave right now, though.

In a little while, I will see your smile on the face of our son! )
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The Green household consists of childhood friends Gabriel Green and Chastity Gere.

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Journey with me to Belladonna Cove, a bustling city where, perhaps, we may meet some interesting characters....

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From the before time...



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